She's a Killer Queen
Guaranteed to blow your mind
Welcome to Warblerland Tulip!

The two tweedles snuck into one of the rooms of Windsor, grinning to themselves. They upended trash bags full of multicolored balls and laughed as they watched as blue, purple, green, and orange balls filled the room. They climbed up onto the bed and jumped on it, laughing as they hugged each other and threw long stemmed red tulips all over the room before climbing down and arranging platters of chocolate chip cookies everywhere.¬†Finally, Ethan opened his jacket and let a tiny tan sugar glider hesitantly climb out and nestle itself onto Tulip’s pillow. Looking towards one another, the twins fist bumped each other before Evan gave Ethan a quick peck. Looking at their handiwork happily, they linked arms and skipped out of the room.

Casey walked back to her room after spending too much time in the library stressing over her chemistry homework. She was still grumbling when she reached her room and unlocked the door…only to be met with a wall of plastic balls. “Oh my…” Casey said in disbelief before she nudged her door closed and she flung herself in. After playing around for a few minutes, she stood back up and took a moment to observe that the balls weren’t the only changes to her room.
She smelt the mixing scents of fresh flowers and chocolate chip cookies. When she saw the platters of chocolate chip cookie and long stemmed tulips, she automatically knew that somehow the Tweedle Twins had gotten into her room…but there was still one thing. “They couldn’t- could they?” Ivy scanned the room before wading her way to her bed and found the little creature, a sugar glider, curled up on her pillow.
Casey wasn’t proud of the squeal that came out of her mouth- but she knew what she had to do next. Casey pulled out her phone and sent a message to the Twins:
I have no idea how you two managed to do this but I can’t even begin to thank you. I owe you guys one :D
Casey grinned once more before she set about condensing the cookies to one platter on her desk, the flowers into a vase, the balls into…somewhere and naming her new pet.